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Wisconsin's Largest Golf Community.

Founded in 1901, the WSGA provides the best opportunity to enhance your experience, while continuing to preserve and promote the game of golf.

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WSGA/USGA Handicap System

The WSGA, as an authorized golf association, "has jurisdiction and has been licensed by the USGA to utilize the USGA Handicap SystemTM and the USGA Course Rating SystemTM in the State of Wisconsin through its golf clubs."  All golf clubs that wish to utilize the USGA Handicap SystemTM must be licensed by the USGA to do so.  To begin the licensing process, Wisconsin golf clubs must contact the WSGA.  The WSGA will review the licensing application , and confirm that the golf club is in compliance with USGA policies and procedures, as well as following the handicap revision schedule and active/inactive season schedule established by the WSGA.  A list of golf clubs that have successfully completed the licensing process is available at www.usga.org . 

The WSGA provides its golf club membership with state of the art handicapping services.  Scores may be posted the preferred way, immediately after the round through the golf club's handicap computer allowing for greater exposure to peer review, or via the Internet through the WSGA homepage.  As a member of the International Golf Network (IGN), the WSGA furnishes its individual members the opportunity to post their scores at golf clubs located outside of the State of Wisconsin and have that score routed back to their WSGA record. 

A WSGA/USGA Handicap Index is recognized as an official USGA Handicap IndexTM.  Players can obtain a WSGA/USGA Handicap Index at a WSGA member golf club for a nominal fee.  A current WSGA/USGA Handicap Index is a requirement to enter state sanctioned golf tournaments as well as many other allied associations and inter- and intra- club events. 

The USGA Handicap SystemTM manual can be found here: 

Handicap Manual

also, a handicap calculator provided by USGA can be found here: 

Handicap Calculator



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